A vision of a hassle-free network

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Aug 18 2012
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It should be possible to make the machine work for you instead of the other way around

A vision of a hassle-free network

As we get more dependent of internet services, software or hardware in general, we also battle the machine to keep our work as easy as possible. After all it should be possible to make the machine work for you instead of the other way around.

This idea is not new. Little or nothing has changed since the 80's to make it accessible for the average Joe. And this is what we would like to change. We are developing a platform that is smart enough to receive, analyze and deliver data between different systems. It is a challenging problem to solve.

The goal of the Notificare team is to reduce consumers and developers efforts in keeping control of their notifications. We focus on clean interfaces that are easy to use, but at the same time, accomodate all the requirements for today's needs. Interacting with software should not take any effort! Don't we all have something better to do?

We won't rest until we make it affordable for everyone to incorporate Notificare in any software, corporate network, governmental system or gadget. Just to make things more simple. If you also share this vision please, contact us. We would love to hear your ideas! Meanwhile stay tuned, we are cooking a lot of new stuff in the Notificare kitchen!

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