Deep Links and Dynamic Links. What's the Difference?

Yevhenii Smirnov
Yevhenii Smirnov
Apr 12 2024
Posted in Best Practices

Very often, those terms are confused. Let's break them down.

Deep Links and Dynamic Links. What's the Difference?

You've likely already heard of deep links and dynamic links, but what are they exactly, and what makes them different? Let's break it down into simple, short and easy-to-understand terms.

Deep Links: Direct Routes to Specific Spots

Deep links are the secret of seamless app experiences, offering users a direct path to specific content within apps. They eliminate the frustration of landing on the homepage and navigating through layers of menus.

With deep links, a single click can transport users straight to the desired screen or feature, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. They function as unique addresses, guiding users to precise destinations within apps or websites. Whether it's jumping to a product page in an e-commerce app or accessing a specific article in a news app, deep links streamline navigation.

Dynamic Links: Smart Links that Adapt

Dynamic links (a.k.a. Universal Links in iOS and App Links in Android) do everything deep links do, but with a few extra tricks up their sleeves. These links are super adaptable and can change their destination based on who clicks them.

Let’s say you’re running a marketing campaign for a new app feature. With dynamic links, you can create a single link that works differently depending on whether someone clicks it on their phone or computer.

Plus, with our dynamic links, there are some additional features, such as triggering custom events or automatic user categorization using segmentation rules.

Summing it all up

While dynamic links extend the capabilities of deep links, it's essential to recognize their distinct purposes and configurations.

Deep links excel at directing users to specific app content straightforwardly. Meanwhile, dynamic links function seamlessly across various platforms, regardless of whether your app is installed or not, adapting to your needs effortlessly.

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