Playing Nice With Others

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Apr 27 2018
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There is only one way to bring all this into 21st century

Playing Nice With Others

In an era of APIs, it is surprisingly common for us to encounter companies with legacy systems where data interoperability is done easiest using technology invented before the internet age.

This month, we've worked hard to try and make this problem a little less painful for everyone. For our clients who find their data scattered around several systems that do not know anything about each other. For our partners who face the same issues as we do and need to make it all work on a short deadline.

CSV, FTP, come again?

For most companies all these technologies might sound backwards and ancient, but when your data is stored in old systems or you rely on decades-old infrastructure, there is only one way to bring all this into 21st century. Ingenuity is the word that best applies to what we've done to play nice with others.

With Notificare, this is no longer a problem. Want to use comma separated values files? Retrieve data from your old FTP server? Automate how it all works using a modern JSON REST API? Yes it can be done!

Play Nice with Others

Whether you are importing user data, store locations or membership cards from old systems, you can orchestrate it all using modern APIs to upload, retrieve or schedule recurrent tasks that support ancient protocols and file formats to make it all work.

Recycling Technology

Pragmatism is what best describes our team. But although we believe and employ modern concepts in our daily operations, we understand that the systems that run the world are not yet ready, nor is it cost-effective to try and change it all at once. So we play nice with others and try to modernize the bits and bytes that give you a free coffee or send you the hottest news in ways that save us all a lot of time.


Are you facing this problem and want to bring your current marketing setup to the 21st century? Drop a line at our Support Portal or send us an email. You can also use a pigeon or smoke signs, we will probably find a solution for that too.

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