Product Update - January 2021

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jan 29 2021
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New year, new ambitions

Product Update - January 2021

We are back at it and a lot of shiny new features are in the making. Besides all this work, our team was able to squeeze in a couple of small features during this month.

What's New

In January, our team released the following features:

Regulatory Compliance for SMS

It is now mandatory to provide a valid address when buying new phone numbers for certain countries. In fact, for some countries, you will now need to provide additional documentation before a number can be provisioned. These steps are now taken into account when you search and buy new phone numbers.

Query Parameters in Actionable Markup

When creating push notifications with actionable markup (HTML or Webpage), your links can now have one or more query parameters. These will be detected and automatically assigned to your message's actions.

New User Limits

Lastly, we've also increased the number of active users allowed in all our startup and online plans without custom SLAs. In fact, for our entry-level plans, we've increased the number of active users five-fold. By taking this step, we hope to cater to a wider range of small companies while providing even more resources to larger corporations. For more information please check out our plans.

In the works

Also, a shout-out to our engineering team, which is currently working really hard to release two major features.

The first major update of 2021 will be in our Loyalty add-on. With this release, a whole new approach to loyalty and rewards programs will be introduced, while providing a unified approach on how you create digital cards for Apple Wallet, Google Pay and Huawei Wallet.

We've also made substantial progress in our SDK v3. These new libraries will completely change how you implement Notificare in your projects. Built with modularity and more modern concepts in mind, it will be one of the most advanced mobile SDKs on the market. Currently scheduled to be released in Q3 of 2021.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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