Underrated features of digital passes

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jul 10 2023
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Highly valuable but often overlooked

Underrated features of digital passes

In today's digital age, convenience and accessibility have become paramount in our daily lives. From boarding passes and event tickets to loyalty cards and coupons, the need for easily accessible and streamlined solutions has never been more crucial.

Enter Apple and Google Wallet, two powerful platforms revolutionizing the way we manage our digital passes. By seamlessly integrating these digital wallets into our smartphones, they offer a transformative experience that simplifies and enhances our interactions with various services and organizations.

Below, we delve into some features of these digital passes that are often overlooked. These hidden gems unlock a world of convenience and efficiency far superior to any plastic or paper solution.

  1. Relevance
    Digital passes, unlike their physical counterparts, not only offer the convenience of storing all our passes in one easily accessible digital space but also leverage the power of geolocation and time-based triggers.

    By integrating with a smartphone's GPS capabilities, digital passes can automatically appear on user's screens when they approach relevant locations, ensuring a seamless and effortless check-in process.

  2. Expiration
    Another great capability of digital passes, is the ability to disappear from the user's digital wallets whenever they are no longer useful. Both Apple and Google Wallet will simply tuck expired passes away. Brands can easily define an expiration date, either upfront, when creating a pass, or later on by simply updating those passes.

  3. Messaging & Updates
    Digital passes are also able to take advantage of the phone's notification center to deliver alerts to users when, for example, a pass is updated.

    Apple and Google Wallet differ substantially on this aspect. With Apple Wallet passes, it is possible to notify the user when any field of the pass changes. On the other hand, with Google Wallet you can easily remind users that a pass is about to expire.

    A user's device will also use semantic information provided in the pass to display reminders to users. For example, Apple Wallet passes can include meta data, also known as Semantic Tags, that can be used by Siri to provide suggestions. Similarly, Google Wallet will also use pass data to automatically provide relevant information about a pass.

  4. Security & Constraints
    Passes created for your digital wallets also pack a bunch of features that help brands create secure experiences. Both Apple and Google Wallet, support NFC enabled passes, which can create a seamless experience with a POS. By simply tapping a phone into a terminal, users can conveniently interact and securely earn or redeem rewards.

    Additionally, digital passes also pack other features that help brands limit how their customers use digital passes. Google Wallet passes are, by far, ahead when it comes to security features. From security animations to rotating barcodes and disabled screenshots, Google Wallet passes offer several robust solutions to prevent fraud and pass misuse. Disappointingly, Apple Wallet passes only provide a way to disable pass sharing but it can't be considered, in any way, a secure way of preventing passes from being shared.

  5. Grouping Passes
    Organizations can also take advantage of digital wallets to provide a stellar experience even when they issue multiple passes. Unlike physical solutions, multiple digital passes can be grouped together and interactively displayed when configured with a unique group identifier.

    Features like this, conveniently eliminate the possibility to misplace passes while offering a natural and easy way of using a group of passes. This could be extremely useful for boarding or transit passes with multiple journeys or multiple event tickets for the same festival.

Try it today!

By replacing cumbersome plastic and paper solutions with sleek, digital alternatives, we unlock a realm of unparalleled convenience, security, and environmental sustainability. The integration of some of these features in your digital strategy, will further enhance your users' experience, seamlessly adapting to their needs while catering to the requirements of your organization.

As always, feel free to reach out or create a demo app and test it for yourself today!

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