Conducting Micro Surveys

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Nov 30 2020
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Turn every message into instant feedback

Conducting Micro Surveys

With a Micro Survey, you can effectively gain useful insights by asking one simple question to collect more data about your customers. Without development and without external tools, you can set this up. And if you want to go further than just asking only one question, you can easily send follow-ups based on a specific answer. Or with our Automation add-on, you are able to send messages out automatically as a reminder if the question isn't answered.

What are micro surveys?

Micro surveys are single question surveys with one or two follow-up questions. They are short, targeted, and perfectly timed. Unlike traditional surveys, with multiple questions, micro surveys are focused on instantaneous feedback. They give you, as a marketer, more background about certain consumer's behavior. As mentioned earlier in the article about 'Why first-party data is the future of marketing,' you can enrich behavioral data with self-submitted data. A micro survey is an excellent example of declarative data.

Unlike traditional questionnaires, sent after a certain action has occurred, micro surveys are displayed and answered quickly in comparison with a lengthy questionnaire. And above all, they are easy to implement and analyze. Of course, there are many use cases for micro surveys, but the most common ones are:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys, which will help you understand your customers' likes, dislikes, and where you need to make improvements;
  • Market research surveys, to better understand your target audience;
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS), to quickly understand what customers feel about your organization. These are great to combine with a negative follow-up message;

How it works

Depending on what you want to research, you can add a micro survey to every message, whether it's email, push, or SMS. You can base the question on the message that has just been sent. But it is also possible to serve a micro survey depending on consumer behavior. For example, by completing a certain purchase, you get a micro survey about the shopping experience.

From the very start of Notificare, we believed in making every insight and behavior actionable. For example, we were the first platform with interactive notifications, long before Android and iOS supported it natively. We also believe that when you want to conduct a micro survey, it needs to be displayed without any extra app or website development. And because micro surveys capture consumer feedback in real-time, their results appear instantaneously in your Dashboard. Of course, you can always export these for extensive analyse.

Delivering your micro survey

The power of a micro survey is that you can instantly ask for feedback by presenting your customers one single question. Thanks to our platform, you can deliver this kind of messages in multiple channels. Obviously, you will want to trigger these surveys in the same channel your customer used to interact with your brand.

Push Notification

On every Notification, you can define action buttons. Once the user taps on one, the response is instantly captured and displayed in our Dashboard. These actions can also be included in a HTML or Webpage Rich Push template if you want to create more compelling experiences.

Email, SMS, or In-App message

With Email, SMS or in-app (or website) message, there are no default action buttons that you can define. That's where you can use our Links. By using this feature, you can easily capture every click and execute a certain custom event. Additionally, if you use our Reports add-on, you can quickly visualize the results of your micro survey in beautifully designed charts.

Triggering Surveys

The best trigger to show a micro survey is based on the user's behavior. For example, after a certain event happened, you can ask what the user thought of it. But you can also trigger a micro survey based on an offline interaction. For example, by placing an NFC tag or QR code next to the POS or in a product label, a user can self initiate a micro survey. We've recently wrote an in-depth article about this kind of interactions here.

Ready to go Micro?

Eager to start collecting instantaneous feedback from your users? Do you want to use micro surveys in your next campaigns? Our Support Engineers will be happy to help you bootstrap your first Micro Survey.

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