Testing Push Notifications in iOS simulator

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Sep 10 2013
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This comes in handy when developing apps for iOS

Testing Push Notifications in iOS simulator
This blog post is outdated. We have published a new and more accurate post in April 2020 that you can find here.

Yeah you heard it right. I would like to highlight a feature of Notificare that comes in handy when developing apps for iOS. If you are familiar with implementing Apple's Push Notification Service then you know that you can only receive those notifications using a real device.

Last March when we introduced our Notificare WebSockets, we made sure that iOS developers could also benefit of real-time updates without having to use APNS.

Receive notifications even in Xcode Simulator

With our free SDK it's possible! We have included all you need to start testing our platform right away. No need to create APNS certificates or even enter Apple's developer portal.

Notificare WebSockets server is available by default in any app you create. Sign up for our Free plan and create an application. Then take a look at our demo application, all you need to add is the API Key and API Secret of your application in the Notificare.plist file and run the application in your simulator.

Once your app is running in the simulator you can start sending your smart notifications! Now go to your dashboard and use the composer to send rich content, ask questions or even trigger other functionalities of your existing app.

All your messages will display in your Xcode Simulator as they do when using APNS in your device.

Give this new free resource a try as we keep developing even smarter solutions for real-time communications for the web, iOS and Android.

Notificare - Notifications just got smarter!

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