Better messages with Partials

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Nov 1 2021
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A quick intro into our newest feature

Better messages with Partials

Last month we introduced a new feature that promises to change completely how you create messaging templates and, ultimately, how you send email or push messages. In your effort to produce marketing campaigns, recurring newsletters, or transactional messages, there are countless templates you are responsible for. Any change in common sections of your design system can become an incredibly time-consuming task if you need to update each one of them manually.

Partials are the answer for more efficient management of your template's content.

Enter Partials

In Notificare, Partials are reusable blocks of code that you can use in the body of your email messages or in the HTML content of a remote push notification. You will use it in a template or directly in a message as part of a broader design system. It will enable you to have separate management of common components used throughout your design system, for example, the header and footer of a message, or basically, just any component shared across multiple messages.

Editing and saving these bits of code will trigger updates to any template or draft where a Partial is used. This way, you only need to manage them in one single place and efficiently update all messages that might use them. It is a great way of future-proofing your design system.

Creating them is also fairly simple. You can find a new area under the Messages menu item:

You can then create one by simply selecting the type, a key, and the content:

Then you'll use it in a push or email message or template as follows (where the key is the name of the Partial):

As you can see, it is extremely easy to create and manage Partials. And as soon as you make changes to the Partial, all templates, drafts, scheduled messages, automation connectors, and geo-triggers will be automatically updated.

Partials are Localizable

Partials also support localized versions of your content. This is extremely useful for all those brands with a multi-language messaging strategy. Just like messages have different content for different languages (or even language and region combinations), Partials can have exactly the same.

It is also done in the same way as it is done in localized messages. First, you toggle the following option:

It will right away allow you to create the default content, which will be displayed to all those users that don't have any of the language/region combinations you intend to localize your content for. Then you can start adding more localized versions of your content by clicking on the button on the right:

That will open the following window, where you can select the language and a region:

And finally, you can create the localized version of your content in the new tab added to the interface:

Partials can have Variants

Yet. the most powerful functionality of this new feature is the ability to create variants for this reusable content. Using our familiar custom criteria interface, you can create Partials that cater to specific groups in your base audience. This allows you to use one single Partial in your messages and make it display different content depending on a combination of Segments, Tags, Device Properties, and User Data Fields.

This is done by adding criteria as follows:

You can then create as many variations as you need. To make sure you cover all your bases, you should always have a default version, eligible for all your users, and then by using a higher priority, you can create variants for different audiences:

For example, the header in an email message could have a version without any user information for anonymous users, but have different content for registered users:

And this is just one simple example. You can basically use any of the categorization mechanisms Notificare has to offer to achieve even more personalized messages. All with one single Partial in one single messaging campaign.

Get Started

Partials are available for free in all our plans. And you are literally a few steps away from getting time back when it comes to designing and maintaining more innovative ways of reaching your users.

If you are interested in seeing all this in action, please do not hesitate to request a demo. As always, we are available via our Support Channel for any questions you might have.

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