Creating Effective Follow-Up Campaigns

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Mar 1 2021
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A quick guide to keep your users coming back for more

Creating Effective Follow-Up Campaigns

Follow-up campaigns can be a tricky thing. They do require some planning and there's always that important question: When do you cross the line between being persistent or annoying?

Depending on what your goals are and the resources you have, with Notificare, you have several mechanisms at your disposal to create successful follow-up campaigns. It doesn't matter if you already have it all thought out or you are simply learning as you go. We probably have a solution to help you to achieve your main business goals.

Crafting a well-thought sequence of campaigns and overarching strategy will ultimately require your app or website to collect all the crucial bits of information you care about. Needless to say, campaigns created in Notificare will already collect a considerable amount of data. But some often neglected features have the potential to transform how you build a relationship, nurture, increase conversions or boost customer satisfaction through a sequence of well-timed follow-up campaigns.

Segmentation Rules

This functionality is available in multiple areas of our platform. It's a great way of automating how you categorize users based on their behavior. It's the simplest way of adding or removing users from segments and tags whenever users interact with a multitude of things in your apps or websites.


One of the most common use cases for segmentation rules, is to easily include these rules in messages. It enables marketers to manage segmentation when users open a message automatically:

Equally important, these rules can also be included in actions:

Being able to easily distinguish which users interact with certain call-to-actions in your messages is a highly valuable asset when planning your next interaction.


We've also made it extremely easy to categorize users that are nearby your venues or that interact with your location based campaigns:

This will not only allow you to build rich user profiles but it will also enable how you further engage users based on their location behavior.


Our powerful solution for short URLs, landing pages and universal links is not only a great way to manage how you let users discover or interact with your content. Because we've also packed Links with segmentation rules, it is rather easy to retarget all those users that open your content through these links:

Automation Connectors

Segmentation rules are also available in our powerful even-driven automations. By using this mechanism, you can also automate how you categorize users when events are triggered:

Thanks to these rules, it is then much easier to implement follow-up campaigns by taking advantage of these categories. As soon as users interact with your messages campaigns, are nearby your locations, open content or trigger events in your apps, you can easily reuse all the categories automatically created for you by this functionality. Putting all this knowledge to work in a series of powerful sequences, funnels or goals, will ultimately enable the most ambitious marketer to reach increasingly higher conversions.

Event Based Audience Selection

Although segmentation rules can help you transform how you further interact with your most engaged audience, marketers also have other mechanisms available that do not require upfront planning and strategy. For those cases you didn't consider, follow-up on users who interacted with your brand in the past is easier than you think.

This is where our great audience selection capabilities come into play. Reaching all those users that opened your last message, all the buyers of a certain product or all your customers that redeem a certain coupon is also easily achieved thanks to our powerful message composers:

As you can see, re-engaging your audience without any proper planning is also possible in our platform.

Automation Connectors

Finally, our Marketing Automation features are by far the workhorse of your automated follow-up campaigns. This is how you can automatically retarget users in real-time and create the best-performing messaging campaigns. These will not only save you loads of time it will also transform how you strategize your campaigns.

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