Continuous improvement in location data

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Feb 22 2018
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Harness powerful new sets of data

Continuous improvement in location data

We've recently added richer sets of location data to our platform as we keep improving the way we source, optimize and display geo-spatial data in our dashboard and throughout our APIs.

It has never been easier for your apps to use any point of interest, place or administrative area as the starting point for your messages or geo-fencing. We're making it all possible by boosting your location searches with expanded sets of GeoJSON data available in many parts of our platform.

Where can I find it?

This data can now be used throughout our dashboard to either accelerate creation of location-based campaigns, sending geo-targeted messages or simply monitoring how your audience moves through any area of interest for your business.

Basically, in any functionality that allows you to pinpoint a location in a map, you will now be able to harness these powerful new sets of data. A great example of data is our main message composer, where you can now simply access millions of places, landmarks and administrative areas and use it to send a highly targeted message.

Location Data

You will also be able to create geo-zones (monitored regions where you can create geo-triggers) and monitor more complex shapes with accurate location data:


You will also be able to store extremely accurate POI's that can be then reused throughout campaigns:

Eiffel Tower

Pretty much the same way you can reuse location data from millions of cities across the globe:

The Hague

Or even entire countries:


Also Available in our APIs

Not only is this data available for you, throughout our dashboard, you can also build amazing location-powered apps by using our REST API. We're lowering the complexity by optimizing gigantic sets of data that your developers can easily consume without substantially increasing the length of your development sprints or completely exhausting your budget.

We're just starting!

Our team is committed and we aim to become a reference for location based services. During this year we will transform this landscape with powerful new features by combining location data with many other different sources of data to bring revolutionary new ways of automating highly relevant messaging and insights for your apps. As always, we are available to answer any questions via our Support Portal or via email.

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