Real-time data with the Live API

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Dec 7 2020
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Capturing all the signals your apps generate

Real-time data with the Live API

In this post, I would like to unveil and guide you through one of the most underrated APIs in our platform, the Live API.

Your mobile or web apps will generate an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. Although all this data can be queried in Notificare and exported to be used in other platforms, this transfer of data will never occur as it happens.

This is where our Live API comes in handy. This API will basically transform any data generated by your app, like user or device registrations, notification replies, segmentation changes, geo-triggers or events into supercharged webhooks that any other system can take action as it happens.

Configuring the Live API

This API is an add-on feature of Notificare. Subscribing is as simple as clicking one single button on our Settings > Services > Live API page.

Once you have access to it, you are now ready to start configuring this service. For this step, you should already have a publicly accessible URL where you are going to handle these webhooks. You can run this service in your own server instances or using compute services like AWS Lambda. Whatever your choice is, you can find useful bootstrapping projects here:

As soon as you've defined the URL where your Live API instance is going to run, you are now ready to get started. These steps are described in more detail in our documentation.

Leverage Real-Time Information

This solution is perfect for companies that want to perform real-time decisions as certain events happen or that want to supercharge their current marketing stack with valuable data. In some cases, it's also the best solution for sharing data with 3rd party suppliers that are responsible for different sets of data or functionality where access to real-time data is crucial.

Here are some great use cases for solutions built with the Live API:

  1. User & Device Information
    Receiving information about users' registration, devices they use and deactivation is by far one of the most important bits of information for a marketer. With our Live API, you will be able to transform these key moments into insightful data visualization and rich CRM profiles, all in real-time.

  2. Event-Driven Decisions
    For those of you already using Notificare to track a multitude of events, the ability to transform items abandoned in a cart, products browsed or user interaction with a messaging campaign into a valuable signal that your business (or any of your other suppliers) can take action is an incredibly valuable opportunity.

  3. Segmentation Synchronization
    One of the most common cases for our Live API would be the ability to synchronize, in real-time, all the user segmentation happening in your app with any other data silo you might have. Say goodbye to manual export jobs and out-of-date data sets that slow down your business.

  4. Foot Traffic Analysis
    Getting up-to-date information about who and when your app users are around, inside or leave your stores or venues, is yet, another great case for our Live API. Put all that GPS and BTLE data your apps are already generating to work and share it with any other piece of your martech landscape.

  5. Data Visualization
    Easily build your own tailored real-time analytics dashboard, one that can tell your compelling story with all the real-time data your apps are already generating. Turn all this data into a custom solution that uncovers hidden insights and help you make data-driven decisions.


Tapping into your app's real-time data is simply a must-have for fast pace marketing teams. If you want to see it in action, just drop an email to our Sales Team or let our Support Channel answer any questions you might have.

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