Introducing our new Dashboard

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Nov 3 2023
Posted in Product Updates

It's finally time to make the switch...

Introducing our new Dashboard

What's Happening?

Today, we are launching a new version of our dashboard. This will introduce some changes to the way you are currently working with our platform.

What's Changing?

Besides some style changes and improved performance, the placement and marketing names of some features are also changing. This will require some adjustment.

Although this new interface has been under public beta for almost 2 months, we understand this might bring some questions and as always you can contact us via our support channel.

There are some noticeable changes that you need to take into account:


This new section of your app's menu is the new home for all your Campaigns, Messages, In-App Messages and A/B Testing. Campaigns are now split into 3 different types, Scheduled Based, Location Based and Event Based (formerly known as Automation Connectors).

Analytics & Data

Every data related feature is now placed under this new section of your app's menu. We've overhauled the way you visualize all your metrics into one single page called Vitals. This is where you will also find the Events and the Data Import and Export areas. New areas like Maintenance Jobs and Audit Logs can also be found in this section.

Content Management

In this new section, you will find all the content related features, such as RSS Push Channels, Templates, Partials, Links, Scannables and Asset Groups. Besides some small cosmetic changes, they all work pretty much the same as they use to.

We are confident that this creates a solid foundation for our team to deliver even more powerful features.

Need more time?

Fear not! A legacy dashboard will be around until January 1st 2024. This should allow you to progressively adjust to a new way of working, while still having the chance to use the new interface.

We've also updated our guides to help you navigate this new interface and, as always, feel free to reach out to our Support Team, if you have any questions.

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