Unveiling your Customer Data

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Aug 2 2021
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Exploring customer data for a whole new experience

Unveiling your Customer Data

Ever since the introduction of the user data fields, we've utilized customer data for personalization. But with a recent extension to the platform, it is possible to apply far-reaching selections to the stored data. With this feature, the data of rich customer profiles comes to life and delivers a whole new experience.

What is Customer Data?

Customer data is any piece of data that can be attributed to a customer when using your product or service. This data can be appended to the customer profile, such as your name, birth date, and email address. Or it is data that is inferred from customer behavior, like a purchase that is done, abandoned products in a shopping cart, visiting a website for the nth time, or scanning a loyalty card in a store. And using this data intelligently can create an unmatchable customer experience.

Whenever you're collecting customer data, you can do way more with it than just analyzing and presenting it in your reports. The power of a modern Customer Engagement Platform is that you can enable this data to directly influence the customer journey by sending personalized emails, rich and actionable notifications, and deliver way more engaging experiences.

Customer data for personalization

The trend towards personalization or even hyper-personalization tends to continue in the second half of this year. Personalization already had a major impact on the overall customer experience. And now hyper-personalization is around the corner. Hyper personalization takes the way you use customer data to a higher level. It breeds the 1-to-1 relationship for every customer across all channels. After all, the customer doesn't think in channels but simply experiences your product or service at every touchpoint.

To execute this next step in personalization, you need to have your customer data organized, utilizing Rich Profiles, to create a 360° view of your customer. But that's not all; for hyper-personalization, you also need to use the data for decisioning and, finally, campaign execution. Don't wait for your customer to reach out to you. You should actively maintain a relationship with your customers by creating micro-moments of delight. While your Customer data fuels personalization, it's the Data Activation that is the decisive factor powering the customer experience across all your marketing channels.

Customer data for decisioning and campaign execution

What was usually accomplished using user-level (Segments) or device-level (Tags) categorization can now be done employing the data fields that relate to user profiles. Once the data is stored in the Notificare platform, you can create powerful & fine-grained selections by combining attributes assigned to users and devices.

And because you can use different data types like a String, Date, Number, or a Boolean, you can use this to filter your audience using logical operators. Store a birth date and send everyone a birthday wish, store the user consent as a boolean and easily target only those customers that opt-in, store the loyalty points and send a message when it exceeds a certain amount. These are just a few examples of how data can really level up. And of course, when using User Data Fields in a Custom Criteria, it will allow you to combine that data with Segments, Tags, User Location, and Device Properties.

Your data is safe

When taking your data to a hyper-personalization level, aligned with behavior and precise campaign execution, your message will become more relevant, customer engagement will increase and drive customer loyalty. As covered earlier in Why first-party data is the Future of Marketing, we are a fan of the just enough data principle, that dictates that you should only store data that is needed up until when it's needed. Plus, you can be sure that the data being held in the Notificare platform is safe, compliant with the GDPR and the ISO27001 standards.

Get ready to hyper-personalize

Want to know more about how you can use customer data to stay ahead of your competition time after time? Contact one of our Professional Services team members to get a strategic perspective on how to use your data intelligently. Our team can also help with the migration and can give substance to the tactical implementation.

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