Introducing the Marketing Calendar

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Mar 18 2024
Posted in Product Updates

Keep track of all your marketing efforts in one single place

Introducing the Marketing Calendar

Keeping track of scheduled messages, and engaging location and event based campaigns can feel like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded. But fear not, fellow marketers, for we are thrilled to unveil the latest gem in Notificare: our powerful Marketing Calendar!

This is the centralized hub where all your marketing efforts seamlessly converge, providing a panoramic view of all your campaigns. Well, say goodbye to scattered lists because our Marketing Calendar is here to revolutionize the way you plan and, execute messaging campaigns.

In Public Beta for Everyone!

After some weeks of internal testing and feedback from our power users, we are pleased to launch the Marketing Calendar to all our users.

Although we think it is pretty awesome already, during this beta phase, we will gather more feedback, add more features and battle test this new feature. In fact, we like this interface so much that we are considering replacing all the lists in our dashboard, for this time-based navigation, where you can quickly find and edit all your Sent, Schedule, Location and Event-Based campaigns as well as your In-App Messages.

But there's more...

Buckle up, because we're still actively developing other great features that will make the Marketing Calendar the beating heart of our platform. We're on a mission to transform this interface into the ultimate destination where teams can effortlessly access all the information required to craft seasonal campaigns, spanning from festive holidays to impactful awareness days.

We're diving deep into exploring how the Marketing Calendar can become the ultimate shield against delays, miscommunication, and those pesky tasks slipping through the cracks. With so much brewing in our minds, stay tuned for a whirlwind of exciting updates headed your way.

Try it now!

With our Marketing Calendar, you can stay organized and on track, ensuring that every campaign is executed flawlessly and on time. So why wait? Embrace this new feature and join the ranks of savvy marketers who already unlocked the full potential of our Marketing Calendar. Your success story awaits!

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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