Powerful Location Based Messaging Campaigns

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Aug 15 2022
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Rebooting location-aware messaging campaigns

Powerful Location Based Messaging Campaigns

With the world anxiously returning to pre-COVID times, where consumers can experience shopping wherever and whenever they like, using location based campaigns can, once again, help brands create hyper personalized experiences in real-time.

With Notificare, an app can collect the location of a user when they use the app or when their location changes significantly in the background. It all depends on what your app's functionality requires and what your customers are willing to grant you.

If you do have a reason to request location tracking, by offering users some kind of convenience, for example, to easily provide a list of POIs nearby, to offer discounts when they're visiting your store or to provide indoor navigation, you will eventually collect the user's last known location.

In this post, we will revisit all the types of location based campaigns at your disposal in our platform. We will also give you some examples of location based messaging campaigns that you can deploy at scale and with minimal effort.


This type of location based messaging campaigns are perfect when you are trying to reach customers on a specific place at a certain time. These messages can also substantially increase foot traffic in your brick-and-mortar locations. At the same time, they can also engage users already located at your venue.

Case 1: Promoting a seasonal retail campaign

Thanks to Notificare's powerful location interfaces, powered by open source provider OpenStreetMap® and its contributors, you can easily target any surrounding places, districts, cities or nearby landmarks some hours before your campaign starts. A simple message, targeting segmented users in nearby locations announcing the start of your campaign, can be extremely effective, capable of boosting foot traffic and conversion rates.

Case 2: Boost engagement of users at your venue

Pretty much the same way, interacting with users that are already at your venue can also be very effective. For example, festival goers or sporting fans can easily be triggered by a push notification. This can be used to drive users to a certain stage at your music festival or the perfect excuse to gather votes for the player of the match at a football game.


This type of location based messages are great if you would like to track, in real-time, when users cross certain bounds (fences) and trigger highly relevant messages. We will use GPS data to track every significant location change of your users and that will allow you to define geo-zones which you can then transform into geo-triggers when users enter or leave those locations. Although this kind of messages require permission from users to track their location even when your app is not being used, when granted, they can offer not only convenience but also extremely high value interactions.

Case 1: Offer a deal when users are nearby

If you've implemented geo-fencing in your app, and users granted you that ability, they will also expect you to offer them something special when they are nearby. With Notificare, deploying geo-fences at scale, is easily achieved, and even small marketing teams can create weekly campaigns, for selected stores, that trigger a message when users enter a certain geo-zone.

Case 2: Gather feedback when they leave

Just as easy, when users leave your stores or venues, you can prompt them with a micro survey and easily gather some feedback from their visit. This can be a great and inexpensive way of gathering positive reviews from your customers or improve their experience for those less positive things that require your attention.

Case 3: Acquiring users at your competitors locations

You've probably already heard this, but geo-fencing can also be a great way of targeting your customer's on their way to your competitors. This kind of guerrilla marketing can have a viral effect, but we will let the good folks at Burger King tell you all about it, with their Whopper Detour campaign.

Proximity marketing

When GPS data is simply not enough or not possible, you can resort to Bluetooth Low-Energy devices, also known as beacons, to get the job done. This type of messaging campaigns can even be the only viable solution if you are looking to track the proximity of users inside a building or on an aisle at a retail space of a considerable size. With Notificare, you can create basically the same experience as with geo-fencing but using much smaller areas. All you need is to place beacons on very strategic places in your store.

Case 1: Offer a discount coupon on aisle 3

Because of its precise nature, beacon powered campaigns can allow you to trigger fine-grained campaigns on a very small area. This way you can easily offer a discount for a specific product when they are close to an aisle.

Case 2: Prompt membership cards at POS

This type of campaigns can also offer real convenience, a great example of that would be to prompt users with a friendly reminder to use their member card at the point of sale.

Ready to reboot your campaigns?

You are literally a few clicks away of delivering hyper-effective campaigns using location based technologies like the ones described in this post.

Notificare has been helping companies of all sizes to deliver location based messaging campaigns for almost a decade. Thanks to our powerful SDKs and our world-class web management interface, you too can create campaigns that deliver amazing results without much effort.

If you would like to see all this in action, don't hesitate and create a demo app today. As always, we are available via our Support Channel for any questions you might have.

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