Actionable Notifications

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
May 9 2022
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And 5 practical examples for actionable notifications

Actionable Notifications

Native support for actionable notifications has been around since iOS 8 and Android 5. Although Notificare already offered this kind of functionality before these platforms did, we felt validated and easily integrated our own features with these platforms' improvements.

But a lot more was added since then, and notifications increasingly became more interactive, right from the lock screen. We've covered this in more detail in this old article. And this time around, we are going to focus on what you can do with actions right from the lock screen.

Deep Linking

At the top of this list and probably the most common use case, there's deep linking. By using a combination of lock screen media and a deep link action, you have all you need to create an engaging interaction with your users.

Most of our campaign's results show that including an image and a direct link to a product or service can translate into an increase of conversions of up to 56%! If you are not doing this already, you might want to start right away.

Quick Response

Thanks to our powerful SDKs, actions in the lock screen can collect a user's response without the need for users to open your app. This allows you to run micro-surveys that, thanks to their simplistic nature, are a great way of collecting feedback from your users.

Gather Feedback

Gathering a full-fledged comment from users is also possible right from the lock screen. Once again, our SDKs will take care of everything. Without any additional work, you can gather feedback from your customers without even opening your app.

Store Preferences

Actionable notifications can also be used to store preferences from your users. Even a Decline or Not Now button can be used to get more information about your customer's preferences.

Thanks to our segmentation rules, categorizing users when they click on an action is a pretty simple process.

Trigger Any Feature

Finally, actionable notifications can be used to trigger app features. Things like muting a reminder, finishing a task, or turning ON your home security system, can all be done by using actionable notifications right from the lock screen.


Thanks to continuous improvements in both iOS and Android in recent years, rich and actionable notifications are no longer just a nice to have and are slowly assuming an important role in an app's user experience.

If you would like to see all this in action, don't hesitate and create a demo app today. As always, we are available via our Support Channel for any questions you might have.

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