Sharing of Access

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Feb 6 2023
Posted in Best Practices

The best way to work together in the Notificare Dashboard

Sharing of Access

Sharing an app in the Notificare Dashboard is a best practice for teams that want to work together effectively. This feature allows multiple users to access and manage the same app, making it easier to collaborate and ensure everyone is on the same page. With a Notificare account, there are no limitations on the number of apps you can manage.

Getting started

When enrolled on a paid Notificare subscription, you are allowed to share your apps with other existing accounts or even invite new persons to create free accounts, giving them instant access to your apps. It's one of the first steps when onboarding to the Notificare Dashboard.

Once an account has configured all the environments needed in Notificare, you will need to invite all the people working with those apps. Only the App Owner and Administrator can share the app with other accounts. The Share App menu item will not be visible for other accounts.

How to share access

Once you've configured all the environments you need in Notificare, you can invite all the users who will work with those apps. From your internal staff to 3rd party suppliers, you will need to define a role for each of them and invite them to access your app.

First, to start inviting other users, expand the Settings menu and click on the Share App option. Here, you can start inviting team members to get access. Clicking on the button New Invite will open a window. After adding the first name, last name, and email address, they will receive instructions, via email, where they can accept this invitation.

Depending on the role you choose, these accounts will have a certain level of access to your apps.

Managing Shared Accounts

In addition to sharing apps, you can also manage the shared accounts from one central location in your Notificare account. To do this, simply go to the Shared Accounts tab. Here, you will have an overview of all the accounts that have access to your apps, including their name, email, and role.

This provides you with a convenient and centralized way to manage all the shared accounts and ensure that everyone has the appropriate access to the apps they need to work on. Within the Shared Accounts area, you can quickly and easily track who has access to your apps and make changes as needed, improving your workflows' overall security and efficiency.

With Sharing comes Revoking

At any point, you can also revoke access to a shared app. This is useful if you want to remove a team member or an employee who leaves the company. Go to the Share App menu and find the person you wish to revoke access for. Then click on the (x) button and confirm the action. The person will no longer have access to the app and can no longer collaborate with the team.


Sharing an app in the Notificare Dashboard is the only way for teams to work together more effectively. Inviting team members to access the app ensures that everyone is on the same page and promotes collaboration.

Additionally, the ability to manage access permissions and revoke access when needed, provides enhanced security and improved efficiency. Whether you are working with internal staff or third-party suppliers, sharing an app in the Notificare Dashboard is an effective way to streamline the workflow and achieve better results.

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