Migrate to Notificare, just in time for the holidays

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Nov 10 2014
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Migrate today to a superior mobile marketing platform

Migrate to Notificare, just in time for the holidays

Holidays are coming! We know this is an important time of the year for you. We know that more than ever, during these days, it's important to maximize sales revenue from your foot-traffic or your mobile audience in every possible way. Changing to Notificare can help you with all that. But for companies that already have mobile apps that might sound a whole lot of time and investment. Well what if we told you that your organization can migrate today to a superior mobile marketing platform?

migrate detail dashboard

Up and running today

Our new incredibly easy to use Data Importer will let you use tools like Excel, Numbers or Calc to create the necessary import files. Import devices, user profiles or even your current user segmentation directly from your browser. Just take a look into our guide to help you get started. Our SDK will give you all you need to send discounts, up-sell products through mobile platforms or simply maximize your users' visits to your physical store. Step into a new world of contextual marketing based on location, users' preferences and behaviour.

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Users & Segmentation

Complete your migration by importing your existing user profiles and categories. Associate devices to your existing user profiles and easily populate segments using our dead simple Data Importer that will help you along the way. We will make sure your existing data is accessible right away and it does not go to waste or it is lost in the migration process.

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API Automation

Importing data is also accessible through our Rest API. Use your backend to import new records or keep your users' categorisation in sync. Use our platform's storage capability to upload and host your files, our asynchronous import process that will validate and import csv data into your application. We will also let you know more information about your jobs as they get completed. Read more about it in our API documentation.

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