Product Update - May 2021

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
May 28 2021
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Just another productive month...

Product Update - May 2021

What a month! While we are all preparing ourselves to enjoy some vacations, at Notificare we've managed to release some exciting new features. From small improvements to our dashboards, updates to our SDKs, to the release of important new features, this was a great month.

What's New

This month, we've added the following features:

Private Beta for Loyalty 2.0

It is finally available for all of you to test. We've designed this new feature from the ground up, unifying how you create digital passes for iOS Wallet and Google Pay. Although we are still actively developing the membership and rewards engine that will power this functionality, you can now request access to these new features.

It is worth mentioning that the Google Pay Wallet app is not available everywhere (for example, Dutch users cannot download it yet), and organizations might not be able to request a merchant account.

If you're feeling brave, already have subscribed to our Loyalty add-on, and want to be the first to test it, go ahead and request access by sending our team a message at

Links in Explorer

For those of you using our HTML editors to compose messages and contextual content, it is now possible to swiftly choose any Link you've previously created and quickly add them in anchors in your markup.

Date Selectors

This is an interesting one. It is now possible to select time periods in a friendlier way without having to convert values to specific units. This functionality is available in message composers, automation connectors, export jobs, and geo-triggers.

New Import Job

We keep improving how you handle new data or synchronize data from other sources. This time we've added another import job: Import User Data.

With this new job, you will be able to quickly populate all the user data assigned to a user and all its devices.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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