The Ultimate Product Owner's Checklist

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Jan 17 2022
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How to ensure a basic implementation to go fast and smoothly?

The Ultimate Product Owner's Checklist

With so many settings and possibilities within the Notificare platform, it is sometimes difficult for an app's Product Owner to determine where priorities lie. The Product Owner must decide which features are implemented first and which ones should be done at a later stage. That's why we created this Ultimate Product Owner's Checklist.

As described in the Scrum Guide, a Scrum Product Owner is accountable for maximizing the value of the product resulting from the work of the Scrum Team. And, to get the most value out of Notificare, proper implementation of the Software Development Kit (SDK) in the app is necessary. Also, to make this work as smoothly as possible, you need to brief the developers properly.

Before you get started, you do need to have an account in Notificare, and it will help if you organize this process. Previously, we wrote the Ultimate Onboarding Checklist to get you started the right way. After setting up the account and inviting the developers, you can initiate the briefing.

  1. Documentation
    This checklist will help you make decisions faster and communicate your choices more easily to your team. However, the technical documentation should be the first source developers should consult.
    Check out: SDK Documentation

  2. App Onboarding
    For most apps, onboarding is a crucial step, and it is the first interaction your users have with your app. Doing it right can genuinely engage new customers, but if done wrong, it will drive them away.
    Check out: Welcome Aboard

  3. Location Services
    Are you adding Location Based Services to your app? These features will bring a new level of contextuality to your app, allowing you to create geo-triggers notifications or categorize users based on their location behavior. If you want to take advantage of all this, you need to think carefully about informing your users, onboarding them, and get permission for the right location services settings.
    Check out: Compliance with Mobile Location Services

  4. Rich Push Templates
    These templates allow you to compose highly engaging messages using all kinds of rich media and functionality that your app or website can consume. Notificare supports several types of interactive and actionable notifications that will be handled for you without any additional development. If you are going to prevent this default behavior, please note that you will have to either handle all the functionality yourself (metrics logging, presenting UI, or collect replies), or if you don't, you understand that some features will not work as advertised.
    Lock screen images
    Messages with lock screen images will add magic to your campaigns. Including an image on the lock screen can boost the conversion substantially.
    Oh yeah, don't forget these. You will want to add Actions to add interactivity to your messages directly from the lock screen. Just like content types, Notificare supports a variety of Actions that will allow you to take advantage of native functionality or simply track your user's interaction.
    Check out: Rich & Actionable Notifications

  5. Inbox
    Implementing an inbox considerably increases your notifications' engagement rates simply because messages will always be available inside your app. If a client asks us for Best Practices, the Inbox is definitely the first one we name.
    Check out: Your Message Center; the Inbox

  6. Event logging
    Quickly track events in your app with a Custom Event implementation. This can be extremely useful if you want to measure certain views, usage, or setup Automation triggers accordingly of certain features or pretty much anything in your app or website.
    Check out: Events Explained

  7. Contextual Content
    The Storage add-on has a unique set of features, allowing your team to easily manage media files and content in your mobile or web apps to harness the power of contextual marketing. This functionality will enable you to present content to your users based on users' behavior, segmentation, location, and time. A powerful set of tools to take your marketing strategy to the next level.
    Check out: Understanding Asset Groups & In-app messages explained

  8. Message Preference Center, Settings
    Nowadays, the average consumer is bombarded with messages from their favorite brands. And with the rise of mobile, brands also have new channels to approach the customer in an even more personal way. As a marketer, you are therefore increasingly looking for new ways to stay relevant. Personalization is key, and consequently, you are always trying to tailor your product and communication to the customer's needs.
    Check out: A Message Preferences Center


The above list is just one tool to ensure that adoption of our most powerful features is done quickly and smoothly. Notificare offers many more features such as Email, SMS, and Mobile Wallet; if you have any questions or require assistance when implementing our SDK, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Engineers.

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