The optimal use of Message Templates

Robert Leefmans
Robert Leefmans
Aug 23 2021
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Templatize your marketing

The optimal use of Message Templates

By making good use of templates, you ensure consistency and streamline how you reuse previous successful campaigns. You keep on optimizing and refining your template every time. In this way, templates make your life as a marketer easier while create consistency to your work. In the Notificare's dashboard, you will find templates in different places, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time. Here is some best practices for the optimal use of Message Templates.

What is a Message Template?

The word template is first recorded in 1819, meaning "pattern or gauge for shaping a piece of work". And so it is after 200 years that you still use templates daily with patterns for shaping your work. Nowadays, a Message Template contains content and settings that you want to reuse to send any Notificare's campaign. A template forms the foundation of your marketing campaigns. You will find the option to reuse a template in various places instead of building a message from scratch.

How to get started with templates

Any successful campaign can be turned into a template. A great way of getting started with templates is converting a successful campaign into a template for a future campaign. In Notificare, every message you sent can be reused by either cloning it (for immediate use) or making it a Template (to be used in future campaigns).

After you've converted your previous sent message to a template, it is then ready to be reused, just that simple! A template then consists of the following components:

  1. The content
    The template is built around its content. You have as much freedom or restrictions, depending on the medium you pick. Think of the spectacular email templates you receive in your inbox and the simplicity and effectiveness of a text message. All the content you would normally use in a message can also be used inside your template.

  2. Placeholders
    Placeholders in messages ensure that any Customer Data stored in profiles can now be used in messages, effectively allowing you to achieve higher levels of personalization. By [using placeholders][placeholders], you can easily add a personal touch to your content. When using import jobs, placeholders can also facilitate how you use data, that is not stored in Notificare, in your messages.

  3. Settings
    But the true power lies not only in the content and the personalized content added to it by the placeholders; the best performing template also contains the right settings that made a message successful. Think of how a message is displayed on your smartphone, does it appear in your inbox or not or did it use a specific sound. It is precisely all these possibilities that make Notificare distinctive.

Where to use templates?

As mentioned previously, you will encounter templates in different sections within Notificare's dashboard. And its use is as simple as prompting a previously saved template.


Location-based messaging



Wallet Passes


Templatize your marketing

Are you feeling satisfied with your foundation of campaigns? Do you want to get started with templates? Our Professional Services team will be happy to set up the foundation with you so that you can get to work on continuously optimizing your best set of templates.

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