New Android SDK Released

Joris Verbogt
Joris Verbogt
Oct 5 2015
Posted in Product Updates

Marshmallow is here

New Android SDK Released

Last week Google officially released the latest Android version ‘Marshmallow’, which will be rolled out to devices starting this week.

Apart from enhancements in power management and fingerprint recognition, the most important change is in regards to a new permission model. Apps now have to obtain permission from the user for certain categories like location updates, camera and microphone access. Users can also opt out anytime.

Our latest SDK 1.6.0 addresses these new permissions for you in a backward compatible way. Applications will run as they were on Android Lollipop and will take advantage of the new permissions model in Marshmallow. Minor changes need to be made to your application, all details can be found in our documentation.

Also, the latest Notificare SDK removes the need for some of the permissions previously required. This, together with the new permissions model in Android Marshmallow will lower the barrier for users to install your app from the Google Play Store.

The SDK is released for use in both Eclipse and Android Studio. Plugins for Cordova, Titanium and Xamarin will follow shortly.

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