Why you should use view online links in your email messages

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Apr 10 2023
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Why you should use view online links in your email messages

Email marketing has been a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers for many years. However, with the rise of different email clients and devices, it can be challenging to ensure that your message displays correctly for all recipients.

That's where a view online link comes in. Including a view online link in your email messages allows recipients to view your content in their web browser, ensuring that it displays correctly regardless of their email client. You could however argue that, in 2023, skilled email developers have mastered email templates or that platforms like Notificare, where you can preview your messages or run pre-sending reports in real devices, removed the need for such links.

Below, we'll explore why a view online link might still be essential for any email marketing strategy, and highlight some key benefits that it can offer to your business.

  1. Better user experience
    Some email clients may not display images (Animated GIFs) or certain formatting correctly, which can affect the overall user experience. Some browsers, like Outlook, will even turn off image downloading by default. Some email content can also contain interactive elements, which might not render correctly in all email clients. By including a view online link, you can ensure that your email message is displayed as intended, regardless of the recipient's email client.

  2. Convenience
    Including a view online link in your email messages provides recipients with a quick and easy way to access the content you have shared. It is simply a convenient way of letting users continue to read your email in the browser of their choice.

  3. Accessibility
    Including a view online link might also offer a way for your email content to be accessible to individuals who use screen readers or other assistive technologies to navigate the web.

  4. Sharing & Bookmarks
    If your email content is worth sharing, a view online link can make it easier for recipients to share your message with others. Subscribers may even want to bookmark the web version for easy access later.


Although it might look old school, a view online link is a vital component of any successful email marketing strategy. By including these links in your email messages, you can improve the user experience for your recipients, and ensure that your subscribers are able to consume your content, even when it doesn't display correctly in email clients.

With Notificare, you can quickly drag & drop these links into your content or even create branded view online landing pages and track who opens these pages.

As always, feel free to reach out or create a demo app and test it for yourself today!

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