Product Update - October 2021

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Oct 29 2021
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New game-changing features for you all

Product Update - October 2021

As we prepare ourselves to carve some pumpkins 🎃 and warm our bones beside the fire, the Notificare team is ready to announce some exciting game-changing features.

What's New

In October, we've added the following features:

Introducing Partials

This one is a real doozy! We are proud to announce a game-changing feature that will transform how you create Push and Email campaigns.

These are basically reusable HTML blocks that can be included in your templates (or directly in messaging campaigns), allowing your content to be shared across multiple places avoiding it to be duplicated.

Partials can also be localized, perfectly fitting any multi-language messaging strategy.

They can also have as many variants as you need. This allows you to use one single partial and customize its content for different target audiences. By using our familiar criteria selection, you are able to draft variants of Partials that are displayed based on a combination of Segments, Tags, Device Properties and User Data Fields.

New Export Jobs

We also keep improving how you gain access to all the data your apps generate. It's a pleasure to announce several new export jobs: Campaign Events, Campaign Replies, and Automation Connectors Replies.

Misc. New Features

Besides our constant effort to improve performance, keep up with security updates and bug fixes, this month we were also able to release the following new features:

  • Clone geo-zones, POIs, cities, and countries
  • File explorer in Drag & Drop editor
  • Improved payment flow for new subscriptions

SDK 2.7

SDK 2.7 is now available in Android, iOS, Web, as well as in Cordova, Flutter, and React Native. Start building apps using the latest features available in iOS 15 and Android 12.

SDK 3.0 Alpha

SDK v3 is also on track to be released soon. Packed with powerful new innovations and using the latest tech available, we think you should consider it for your next app update. More information can be found here.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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