New in Maintenance Jobs

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Dec 15 2023
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New in Maintenance Jobs

As announced in this post, where we've recently introduced Maintenance Jobs, we were already planning to extend its functionality with new jobs. Today, we are announcing two more jobs, that will help you clean up content that you or your apps generate.

Delete Empty Tags

This new job will come in handy whenever you want to clear the list of tags in your dashboard. In many cases, tags are created by our SDKs, and used as a way for users to provide information about their preferences, subscribe to topics, etc.

Until now, there was no way to delete tags, even if they didn't contain any push devices, email contacts or phone numbers. That changes now! You can now use this job to delete empty tags, by simply selecting the following option:

Additionally, because tags can be empty but still contain inactive devices, you can also exclude, or not, those tags by toggling the following option:

Delete Regions

If you are using location services, this job might be something you have been waiting for, for some time. It is now possible to delete any region you've created or imported into Notificare.

You simply have to select the following option:

To delete regions, you must select at least what type of region (Geo-Zones, POIs, Cities or Countries) you want to delete:

You can then decide if you want to filter your selection based on tags you've previously assigned to your regions:

Additionally, you can also filter results by selecting a country:

Finally, it is also possible to select regions based on their location. You can draw an area in a map to quickly select regions. We will delete any region, when their center, is located inside that shape.

You can use any of these options or combine them all to precisely delete the regions you want.

More Jobs?

Yes, we will continue to increase the number of maintenance jobs at your disposal. These features not only allow you to keep your content tidy, they also make marketing teams more effective.

As always, feel free to reach out to our Support Team, if you have any questions.

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