An Effective Marketing Personalization Strategy

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Jan 30 2023
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Including 5 steps to get it right

An Effective Marketing Personalization Strategy

It's a fact that marketing personalization drives engagement and conversions. Actually, if in 2023 you are not taking advantage of rich segmentation, dynamic content, location-based marketing or localization, you will probably have a hard time standing out from the pack.

But what makes for effective personalization, anyway?

Here's 5 key takeaways that will get you on track to create an effective marketing personalization strategy.

  1. Use data and analytics to understand customer behavior and preferences
    Most mobile and web applications will generate a wide range of customer data. Notificare enables brands to collect data on user demographics, location and device information to create rich user profiles. On top of that, we make it extremely easy to track how users interact with your app, such as which pages they visit, products they buy or the features they use.

    Collecting first-party data is, by far, the most important step to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and optimize the overall customer experience.

  2. Segment your audience into different groups based on demographics, behavior, and interests
    Once you have a considerable amount of first-party data, audience segmentation will enable you to divide your customer base into smaller groups based on specific criteria. With Notificare, this process can be automated from the get-go, with features like Segmentation Rules, allowing you to automatically create these segments at the same time you collect first-party data. More over, when other data sources come into play, our platform powerful import/export mechanisms can help you create a continuous process where new data and customer behavior can be easily used to segment your audience.

  3. Create targeted marketing campaigns for each segment, using personalized messaging and content
    This is where your marketing team can really shine, by tailoring your marketing efforts to the specific needs and interests of each group. Optimizing the content of rich push notifications, the subject of your email campaigns or the call-to-actions buttons are just the start. Product recommendations or highly targeted offers based on customer behavior or purchase history are simply the most important bits when crafting the templates you will use to provide relevant and personalized content to your users.

  4. Deliver personalized content and offers at the right time
    It is now time for Notificare to help you deliver all that great content you've crafted. From perfectly-timed campaigns, to powerful interactions using in-app messages or contextual content without forgetting location-based push notifications or event-triggered push, email or text messages, we help you orchestrate and optimize your customer's journey.

  5. Continuously test and optimize your personalization efforts to improve performance and engagement
    Regularly reviewing and analyzing the performance of your campaigns will be an ongoing task, which might require adjustments as needed to improve conversions. In most cases, you will want to use our A/B/Multivariate features to optimize subject lines, content or call-to-actions.

    Reviewing your customer data (such as demographics, behavior, and purchase history) to identify trends and insights is also a key step to further personalize your customer's experience.

    And as you optimize this journey, collecting feedback from customers on your personalization efforts, such as through surveys or customer service interactions will let you identify areas of improvement.

Eager to know more about personalization?

Mastering personalization is key to digital transformation. Making sure that the right campaigns are sent to the right people at the right time, is not just a cliché, it is the only way to stand out from your competition.

Feel free to download this White Paper to get started or simply refresh your team's knowledge of key concepts on personalization you can use today to boost revenue and customer engagement.

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