Introducing SMS Auto Opt-in

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Sep 15 2023
Posted in Product Updates

One more feature to make SMS campaigns smarter

Introducing SMS Auto Opt-in

Among the myriad of strategies at your disposal, SMS marketing stands out as a powerful and direct means of communication. However, privacy is paramount and the barrage of unsolicited messages is all too common. Securing the consent of your recipients is not just a legal requirement — it's a fundamental building block for successful SMS marketing campaigns.

At Notificare, we offer powerful solutions to provide law-abiding opt-in processes, like our subscription forms with built-in opt-in confirmation.

This month, we went even further, and we are now pleased to present you with our latest feature.

Say hello to SMS Auto Opt-in!

Basically, it's a new way of automatically opt-in subscribers when they send a message to any of the Long or Short Codes you lease with us. This conversational opt-in will basically assume, that any user that directly contacted you, gave permission to your SMS marketing campaigns.

This new feature is not enabled by default tho. You will need to switch it ON, in Settings > Services > Opt-in & Opt-out Settings:

Only then, any incoming messages from recipients that do not yet exist in your audience, become new phone numbers. This will pave the way to engaging on two-way messaging campaigns as described in this post.

With this registration, we will also collect a new event:

Which you can use, in combination with our Automation Connectors, to provide onboarding messages, instructions about how to subscribe to certain topics, other conversational campaigns or opt-out instructions.

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This new user-centric and effective way of obtaining permission for SMS marketing while engaging individuals in a real-time dialog, ensures they fully understand and willingly agree to receive text messages.

It will also enable new ways of creating SMS campaigns that do not necessarily start in the digital realm. Acquiring users can now be done in billboards, magazines and pretty much any medium where you can quickly convey your sales or promotional pitch.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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