Scheduled Messages using Recurring Campaigns

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Sep 20 2021
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Repeatable options for every use case

Scheduled Messages using Recurring Campaigns

Every brand with a solid marketing strategy observes trends throughout the year. It can identify several opportunities that ultimately translate to recurring messaging campaigns. These campaigns can be used to send regular messages relating to the customer’s account or to a brand's marketing calendar. This can be a birthday wish, purchase anniversary, member anniversaries, seasonal promotions, and holidays – basically anything the business communicates on a schedule.

To help you cope with this, Notificare has a powerful built-in feature, available in all our plans, that helps brands easily create repeatable Push, Email or SMS campaigns. These types of messages allow teams to automate campaigns for all those specific dates and use cases. This allows you to plan ahead and always be on time.

Time tracking

One great example of an hourly scheduled campaign would be done by a time tracking app. A simple reminder message can be an effective way of making sure users do not forget to register their time. You could easily select which days of the week it should be applicable and even (using our powerful actionable notifications) drive users directly from a device's lockscreen to the time registration form.

Birthday wishes

This is a very common use case that almost all brands can benefit from. By maintaining a segment up-to-date with all those recipients who are a birthday in the next 24 hours, a brand can add a personal touch to their messaging strategy. Used together with our Loyalty add-on, it can even be a great way of incentivize users to treat themselves by offering a special birthday discount.

Weekly Posts

If you are running a blog or a specialty website, you know that being able to update your visitors on new content is the best way to keep your users engaged. Reminding users that a new post is available is a pretty dull task that you can simply automate using recurring messages.

Monthly Newsletter

Another example of a pretty well-defined format, where recurring scheduled messages can help you automate how you engage with your subscribers, is your newsletter. Reaching users on a specific day of the month with all the new content you've produced doesn't have to be an ordeal.

Holiday Calendar

Almost every marketing team has a marketing calendar that they religiously follow every year. These are days that brands know very well they can capitalize on. From New Year's day, all the way to Boxing Day, every brand can benefit from automating how these specially crafted messages reach their users.


These are just some simple examples that demonstrate how recurring messages can simplify and automate repetitive tasks. There are many other use cases you can explore and put in practice already for the upcoming holiday season. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Professional Services team.

As always, we are available via our Support Channel for any questions you might have.

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