Level up your growth strategy

Mayen Enodien
Mayen Enodien
Sep 23 2022
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An intro into Notificare's Customer Success

Level up your growth strategy

What does customer success mean for us? Here at Notificare, it’s really quite simple. It’s all about commitment. Commitment to your success, your goals, your values. It’s not just about making sure you’re happy with our product but taking the time to build meaningful partnerships that are solidly based on aligned values.

We understand that brands like yours are constantly seeking to reach the next level in your customer engagement and growth strategies and maximize your ROI. This is where our customer success team comes in, to support and act as your No1 advocate for your business goals, empower you with the right tools and strategies for successful adoption and proactively provide high-touch guidance through your Notificare journey.

Read on to find out how we partner with you to advance these goals, facilitate a seamless experience and ensure you get the best long-term value from us.

Understand where you are today and where you want to be

It all starts with a thorough discussion to get fully aligned with your marketing strategies and expectations, and understand what success means to your business. Together we will work towards developing a strategic plan of action in order to reach your specific goals.


You are never left alone throughout the various steps of your journey. For us, onboarding is not just about getting you started with Notificare but on a broader scale, setting you up for long-term success. From the onset you will be fully equipped with resources, training, documentation and support. We will work with you towards successful adoption of Notificare, tracking your performance at each stage to ensure alignment with your business goals.

Operational support

Maintaining a collaborative partnership is key to keeping your business on track. Through consistent check-ins with your team, we will evaluate your usage of Notificare and equip you with actionable insights and best practices gained from our top brands. Whatever your goal is, whether it is increasing adoption, retention or loyalty, we are fully committed to managing customer health with you and accelerating your business growth.

Opportunities for optimisation

We understand that your goals are constantly evolving, as market trends dictate. We are always available to discuss upcoming challenges and potential opportunities, to place you one step ahead. We ensure that you are well informed of our latest product updates and other services to target specific concerns, as they arise.

Take that next step with us

Ultimately our mission is to partner with you towards success and we are pleased to see the benefits of our customer partnerships through our customer case studies. Be sure to leverage from our expertise, to get you where you want to be. Contact Notificare's Customer Success to learn more.

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