Attract, Engage, and Retain with Cross-Channel Marketing

Joel Oliveira
Joel Oliveira
Oct 23 2023
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Finding synergy across your marketing channels.

Attract, Engage, and Retain with Cross-Channel Marketing

Acquiring new customers, keeping them engaged, and ultimately increase their lifetime can be a challenging task. However, with the right cross-channel marketing strategy, you can effectively reach your target audience using a combination of communication channels.

In this blog post, we'll explore the power of cross-channel marketing, and provide you with some great examples on how you can use one channel to elevate others.

The Power of Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing is a strategy that involves integrating multiple marketing channels to reach and engage with your audience effectively. The goal is to create a seamless and consistent customer experience across all these channels, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Cross-channel marketing is a dynamic and evolving field, and the key is to adapt quickly in order to maximize the potential of each individual channel while identifying opportunities that might enhance other channels. Unlike multi-channel marketing, where each channel can operate independently of each other, in cross-channel marketing you should take advantage of any intelligence gathered in one channel to continue the conversation with customers across other channels they use throughout all customer life-cycle stages — all the way from acquisition to loyalty and retention.

Cross-channel marketing offers a multitude of benefits, including heightened customer engagement achieved by reaching audiences through their preferred communication channels, fostering brand loyalty through consistent and personalized messaging, and improving customer retention through targeted and timely interactions. It also widens your reach, collects valuable data for analysis, optimizes resource allocation, and ensures adaptability to changing trends, ultimately leading to measurable and impactful results, making it a powerful strategy for modern marketers.

Key Principles

  1. Customer Segmentation
    Segment your audience based on their preferences, behavior, and demographics to deliver personalized content through each channel. This is how you can infer some context when creating campaigns that combine different channels.

  2. Consistency
    Maintain a consistent brand voice and message across all channels to build trust and recognition.

  3. Timing
    Be mindful of the timing of your messages. Sending notifications, text messages or emails at the right time can significantly impact engagement.

  4. Testing and Optimization
    Continuously test your campaigns and analyze the results to fine-tune your approach for each channel.

  5. Compliance
    Ensure that you comply with relevant regulations (e.g., GDPR, CAN-SPAM Act) and respect user preferences, especially when using email and SMS.

Understanding the potential of each channel

Before you can launch successful cross-channel campaigns, it is imperative to understand what each channel can offer.

App & Web Push Notifications

These notifications are immediate and attention-grabbing, making them perfect for real-time updates, flash sales, or breaking news alerts. They directly reach users on their devices, ensuring your message is seen promptly. In mobile devices, they can even be triggered based on the user's location or their proximity to BTLE beacons.

In-App Messages

In-app messages are a great way to engage users who are already using your website or app. They provide interactive content and can guide users through features, deliver promotions, and gather feedback, improving the user experience.


Email marketing is versatile, allowing for in-depth communication, personalization, and detailed product recommendations. It's an effective channel for building relationships, nurturing leads, and converting prospects into loyal customers.

Text Messages

SMS messages offer direct and immediate communication. They are perfect for appointment reminders, exclusive offers, and urgent notifications, making sure your messages are seen and acted upon quickly. SMS can be highly effective for time-sensitive information.

Some practical examples

Each of these channels possesses unique strengths, and when strategically combined in a cross-channel marketing approach, they create a powerful synergy that enhances customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. Here's some examples of cross-channel campaigns that you can start with or in some cases you might be already doing.

  1. Onboarding
    After a user signs up in your website or mobile app, it is very common to send a welcome email introducing your brand, its key services. For these new customers, after their first login, you can display an in-app message with a quick tutorial, guiding them through the most important features. This could also be the ideal moment to ask permission for push notifications.

    A day later, send a push notification to remind users to complete their profile setup or take their first key action.

    A week after signup, send a text message with a progress update or personalized tips to keep users engaged.

  2. Abandoned Cart Recovery
    If a user abandons their cart without completing a purchase, send a push notification reminding them of the items left behind.

    In-App messages can also be used to display a time-limited discount to incentivize users to complete a purchase.

    After a day, send a follow-up email with a similar message and a link to the abandoned cart to reiterate the offer.

    If the cart remains abandoned, after a week send a text message to remind the user of the deal's expiration and prompt action.

  3. Product Launch
    Create anticipation with a push notification announcing an upcoming product launch.

    Offer an in-app message sneak peek of the product, showcasing its features and benefits.

    Email is the ideal channel to alert customers and offer early access or pre-order options.

    Once the product is available, send a text message to let interested customers know it's in stock, encouraging immediate purchases.

  4. Increase Foot-Traffic
    Provide a wish list feature in your website or mobile to collect interest and purchase intent.

    Based on that information you can provide promotional in-app messages with special in-store offers.

    Send geo-fencing notifications to users with products in their wish lists when their around your stores.

    To emphasizing the exclusivity and excitement of a certain sale event, send email reminders with details about different activities or promotions in each store.

    Use text messages for those last minutes deals that provide an additional incentive like a special in-store gift for showing the SMS.

  5. Personalized Recommendations
    Send a weekly email with personalized product recommendations based on user behavior and preferences.

    If a recommended item is on sale, use push notification to create scarcity about this offer.

    Create personalized in-app messages that promote recommended products and urge customers to complete a purchase.

    Send text messages announcing a flash sale or limited-time offer on recommended products to boost conversions.

  6. Feedback and Reviews
    Send an email asking customers to provide feedback and reviews after they've made a purchase.

    After a couple of days, for those who haven't left feedback, send a push notification as a friendly reminder.

    Inside the app, display an in-app message can promote a brief survey to collect feedback on the user experience.

    After customers leave feedback, send a text message to thank them and offer a small discount on their next purchase.

  7. Churn Prevention
    Keep users interested by sending weekly newsletters, monthly push campaigns or flash and time-sensitive deals via text messages.

    Create event-based web and app push campaigns that offer discounts to users that don't visit your website or open the app for 30 days.

    Use signals like the uninstall app event and email or SMS opt-out to try to win them back using one of the channels where they are still active.

Are you ready?

In conclusion, a well-executed cross-channel marketing strategy can help you attract, engage, and retain customers effectively. By leveraging multiple channels and powerful features in a coordinated and personalized manner, you can create a seamless customer experience that builds brand loyalty and drives business growth.

As always, you can find us available for any question you might have via our Support Channel.

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