Notificare Anniversary Celebration
This year, we're celebrating our 10-year anniversary ...and things are just getting started!
Celebrate with us
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Ten years ago, we began our quest for relevance. Dreaming up a world where brands and consumers are brought closer together. A software product that empowers apps with a new channel for brands to engage with consumers. We started with delivering the richest and most interactive messages. Soon these interactions became contextual by linking consumer behavior. And more channels like Email, SMS, in-app messaging, and Mobile Wallet were added to the party.

Marking an Era

With the desire to build something impactful, Notifcare was founded in 2012 with the winged phrase of co-founder Joel Oliveira, "Let's mark an era". By building a scalable and innovative product with a highly motivated team that was born remotely. Dedicated to keeping first-party data strictly safe, secure, and separated, while building sustainable long-term relationships and bringing efficiency to marketing teams.


Now we know, that the way consumers buy has changed significantly in the past decade. We believe that customer experiences can be continuously improved and become increasingly more unique. We’ve left a world of one-to-many broadcasts and arrived at a planet of personalized experiences, where timely, relevant, non-intrusive engagements are the key to success.

So let's mark this upcoming era together. Dreaming up the storm for the next decade, side by side, because every superhero still needs a sidekick.
A big thank you to all these brands
Our Story so far
After an inspiring SXSW, Robert Leefmans, Joris Verbogt and Joel Oliveira founded Notificare. Let's mark an era!
We first unveil the concept of actionable notifications. We pivot from our initial idea and start building a platform.
A platform is born! We are now delivering smarter notifications for iOS and Android for brands like Tesco and
More brands join us and new features start to take shape. Say hello to Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing and iBeacons!
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