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Personalization is paramount when it comes to customer experience.
Ready for the city? Check.
Check is a new player in the shared mobility market by operating a fleet of e-scooters. The company launched in Rotterdam and has big plans for the rest of the Netherlands. They are funded by one of the largest mobility players (PON-Ponooc VC).Check offers the easiest way in town.

The Opportunity

Check wants everyone in every city to be able to get to their destination within 15 minutes. They do this by introducing new and smart forms of mobility together with a Mobile App . CHECK started in January 2020 with its Mobility as a Service (MaaS) product.

With the CHECK-app it is now super easy to find and book an electric scooter. The app will show the quickest route to the vehicle, so you can easily find it, unlock it, and drive it to your destination.

Check wants to deliver the best service to its customers, and part of that service is providing clear communication.

The Solution

Check is an App-only company, meaning that without the app, you cannot use the product they offer.

Whenever a new customer downloads the app, they need to register first to be able to use the app. This process needs to go as smooth and easy as possible to get everyone that installed the app to also complete the on-boarding. Users who started this process, but didn’t finish it, need some extra attention. There are many reasons for not finalizing the registration process, like not having your credit card or driver’s license near you. To be able to reach out to these users, Check uses a mix of Push Notifications and Emails to notify the user of the status of the registration and how to easily finish this.
It's a great ride
Since we are an App-Only company, we were searching for a Marketing Automation Platform with a strong focus on Mobile. Notificare helps us to retain and engage our audience with the channels email and push notifications. The ride with the Campaign Analysis & Client Success Team is great; they help us to achieve our objectives. Marketing Platform, Check!
Anouk van der Laan
Marketing Manager at Check.

Personalized Experience

Personalization is paramount when it comes to customer experience. The more the message relates to the user, the more relevant it becomes. That is why Notificare is used to optimizing this customer experience. Not only when it comes to on-boarding the user, but also when it comes to supplying spot-on service messages.

Service Messaging

A great example appeared just after the introduction. Poor weather can influence the availability and offering of the e-scooters. Informing your users at the right moment is crucial but you don’t want to bother users who are not planning to use your service. At the very moment a user enters the app and clicks on a scooter they are warned how to drive or park due to snow or stormy conditions. This way, only these specific users will receive a message, and the rest is not bothered at all. Even more explicit are push notifications and emails that are sent following the use of a scooter. Many of these contact moments can be automated. Think of a push notification when the user leaves the service area.

Marketing Platform

And of course, the platform is also used for marketing purposes. The different seasons, promoting the tell-a-friend feature, to earn free driving minutes, are patterns of engaging customers in a fun and friendly way. Think of promotions when spring starts, and the weather gets better to drive that e-scooter around town.. Also, being able to earn free driving minutes by referring friends is a great communication moment. Telling you your friend has signed up, and you get rewarded!

The Results

The results are amazing; within the first week 70% of all unique installs became registered users. And 81% of these users have their notifications enabled to get notified at the right moment.

With more advanced features coming up and opening rates that are ramping up we are in for an amazing ride!
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