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Inside the stores, the ICI PARIS XL Beauty Experts are always ready to give you personal advice and share their tips. Now they are taking that experience into the app.
The Beauty Experts
ICI PARIS XL is a perfume shop chain founded in 1968 in Belgium. The name ICI PARIS XL means 'here is Paris' and was derived from the trips that were undertaken by the founders on their way to buy perfume from the French capital Paris for their first shop in Ixelles, a neighborhood in Brussels. Now, ICI PARIS XL has just under 300 stores in 3 countries. Since 2002, ICI PARIS XL has been part of the A.S. WATSON Group, which is currently the largest Health & Beauty Retailer in the world with more than 15,000 stores. Inside the stores, the ICI PARIS XL Beauty Experts are always ready to give you personal advice and share their tips. Now they are taking that experience into the app.

The Opportunity

Since the launch of the ICI PARIS XL app back in 2015, ICI PARIS XL has had the goal of giving that personal touch to beauty. Step by step, they improved the user experience by adding more features to work towards 'your personal beauty app.'

With fantastic discounts on products directly available in the app, you'll never have to miss a good promotion or offer again. Always have your Beauty Member Card & Vouchers at hand. Nice and handy for saving points and exchanging vouchers. Beauty tips to shine every day. Which skincare suits you best? What are the latest scent launches? In the app, you will find inspiration & the latest products.

And, with so many beauty products (13.000), and so many features to talk about, combined with a vast audience, the marketing challenge obviously lies there.

The Solution

Personalized content to start with

When you open the app, you will be amazed by a lot of content. But it's not Spray and Pray. The content is completely tailored to your profile and segmented to make it as relevant to you as possible. ICI PARIS XL uses the [Contextual Content Add-On](https://notificare.com/features/contextual-marketing/) feature of Notificare to offer personalized content. The CRM-manager can easily link the content to segmentation, campaign data, and even location data when available.

Weekly campaigns

Different campaign types are also used to engage members. And the member-only campaigns always perform strongly. As an app-member, you receive something special once in a while. And the app users show that they appreciate it, with open rates of 10-15% for broadcast and 25% up for automated campaigns.

This year Valentine's campaign, for example, also went surpassing. During this campaign, members were called upon to leave a message to win their Valentine's gift. This is a delightful case of an interactive notification. These are notifications to which action buttons are linked to offer a clear call to action or get response input from your member base.
My new & best CRM friend
Notificare is my new & best CRM friend. The platform enables us to automate and personalize our app communications. Also, they offer great customer service and multiple ideas or suggestions for improvement of the platform have been deployed to production. They really care about their customer's needs!
Louise Douma
Mobile & CRM at ICI PARIS XL

Segment yourself

Last year during the Olympic Games, ICI PARIS XL introduced a new campaign type. First of all, the app asked whether you, as a member, want to be informed about special promotions during the sporting event in question. When you indicate 'yes,' you are segmented, and only this segment will receive a 30% extra discount every day your country wins a medal. The people who didn't indicate anything got no updates and were not bothered by these offers. Beautiful right? A specific segment was created on the fly for the audience that can't wait to go shopping. Just how we like it.

Automate your life

The challenge with all these campaigns is that they can take some time to set up. It is, therefore, desirable to automate a large number of campaign types. The CRM team does this with the Automation feature within the Notificare platform. From getting out early during the onboarding of users to win-back the dormant users, the automation connectors are all set up to engage the customers and to make life easier for the CRM team.

With a robust data import (a sFTP connection between Adobe Campaign and Notificare), ICI PARIS XL is able to use transactional data for targeting purposes for their campaigns. By including this data, relevance is guaranteed for the customer.

The Results

With so many products and so many different audiences, the app now unmistakably contributes to the loyalty objectives. By revealing a lot of data points, new insights are gained, but above all, it becomes possible to link targeted actions and messages to these data points.

With 500+ Automation connectors, the CRM team is making the most of the platform to serve the customers at their beck and call. Churn, engagement, and adding products to your shopping cart, for example, are all used to engage directly. Custom Events are created to make the app smarter and the beauty of it, it can all be orchestrated from the dashboard.
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