La Place, rewarding loyal customers

Founded in the city of Utrecht, La Place is since 1989 the number one food service brand in the Netherlands. Today, offering a great variety of natural, fresh and homemade products, La Place serves millions of customers a year, in more than 100 restaurants.

The Opportunity

La Place aims to make ‘food with a conscience’ more accessible, while fostering loyal customers that find their way to the restaurants more often. The challenge lies in creating a ‘drive-to-restaurant’ for existing customers, winning new ones and convert as many customers as possible into loyalty program members. Inside the restaurants, loyalty program members benefit from discounts and rewards by simply showing the digital member card upon every visit. This small step also helps La Place identify returning customers and their consuming behavior.

The Solution

The loyalty program is plain and simple: with each visit you receive a reward. This gift is called an Extra. The Extra rewards start off with a free coffee whenever a new member joins the program. New, personalized Extra rewards keep being added with a constant variety of surprises — from drink refills to sandwiches. At the heart of the loyalty program, customers will find the mobile app, that's where the real magic happens.

“Not only are we happy with the powerful Notificare platform, the Campaign Analysis & Client Success Team also helps us achieve our objectives. By responding adequately to developments within La Place, together with Notificare, we ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible experience and increase customer retention.” Marie-Suzan Tukker, Brand & CRM manager at La Place

La Place Extras app

The La Place Extras mobile app and its digital member card give you the latest news and information on healthy food, your member status, your La Place Extra rewards, coupons, recipes, cooking tips, message inbox and much, much more. After you've selected your food in the restaurant and arrive at the point-of-sale, your digital member card is scanned. Every identified transaction is now a perfect time to communicate with and re-engage customers by offering them a reward for their next visit. Getting that push notification feels like a little present, delivering a delightful moment that puts a smile on the customers face.

Personalized Experience

By putting audience segmentation to work, both messaging and app content can become personal and increasingly relevant. Within the Notificare platform, it is dead simple to categorize users and group them into segments. Without adding levels of complexity, La Place quickly made a distinction between Anonymous Users, Active Users and Dormant Users. The results are also incredibly good, by targeting specific segments and sending tailored messages, the amount of monthly active users increased by 24%. Additionally, La Place recovered over 5% of their app's dormant users.

Driving Users to La Place Restaurants

La Place can be found throughout the Netherlands in shopping centers, along highways and high-traffic locations like airports and railway stations, together with top-notch franchisees like HMS Host, Areas, SSP and Google. You can also find La Place in Bali, Paris, Toronto, Madrid, New York, and many more locations on different continents to come.

By using Notificare's powerful geo-fencing features, triggering messages whenever users enter, dwell, leave or return to your stores or venues is a breeze. La Place was able to combine all that with great content, creating perfectly timed interactions that increased sales without draining their marketing budget.

Another particularity of La Place is that there isn't an e-commerce channel. This is where using location based messaging is essential, and for La Place, unlike many other food retailers we work with, this powerful feature of the mobile app needs to deliver more restaurant visits.

When compared to other types of campaigns, geo-fencing based campaigns are opened twice as much!

Improving the Success Formula

Although business is going well for La Place, a strong campaign strategy is required, especially when new branches open at an incredible rate.

This requires a campaign orchestration that would exhaust any marketing team. Luckily, they have Notificare to simplify and automate this process. Two days before the opening weekend of a new location, a geo-targeting campaign is created for the new branch. A highly relevant message is sent to everyone who is already a fan of La Place and encourage them to come by in the opening weekend.

During the opening weekend, a precisely targeted geo-fence is active for everyone who is nearby. After the pre and post launching buzz, that geo-fence is rapidly put to work with other campaigns to create awareness on the new nearby La Place restaurant. This strategy ended up to be a real success formula, that can quickly be implemented and easily optimized within the Notificare platform.

The Results

For over a year now, Notificare's Campaign Analysis & Client Success team has been working with La Place. Together we’ve created a campaign structure to support the loyalty program and the marketing and sales activities.

The conversion of these campaigns increased considerably over the past year, proving that by including our team in the loop and using our powerful platform, La Place was able to boost campaign creation and management. Active users grew by 15% in the past year.

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