A cross-channel approach to increase engagement and optimize user journeys

Personalized information to boost user activity.
MedApp, everything for your medications in one handy app
MedApp isn’t an ordinary pharmacy, but it’s a pharmacy inside an app. Offering all the services you would expect from a modern pharmacy, yet working a little bit smarter. Medapp engages with its customers via push notifications and helps with their concerns about medication use in various ways, including automatic response to repeat prescription requests, free and discreet delivery of medicines to clients’ homes, and keeping track of medication in use.

Sure, MedApp targets its audience at the right time to increase conversions, as most brands do. However, these notifications are also essential in improving the quality of life of their customers.

The Challenge

For MedApp, finding the right way to communicate a broad range of information to its users was a key challenge. They needed to respond to different user needs, such as informing patients with chronic ailments about their medication use and possible delays or changes in deliveries.

Before Notificare, MedApp used its internal data structures to track analytic events in its app or send events from its CRM to determine the right moment for a particular communication. However, they were looking for an efficient way to contextualize their messages to share medicine-related information relevant to each customer and deliver at the right time. In their search for the right customer engagement platform to improve their communication processes, they found Notificare.

The Solution

By using Notificare, MedApp was able to optimize their customer journeys by doing two things: firstly, handling all relevant communication to their app and secondly, improving the number of clients that use the app to find this information.
Robust interaction
With Notificare’s Automation feature, we were able to achieve this by using automation connectors to deliver a message whenever an event is triggered. Then, with the Notificare Data Filters, we were also able to enable additional conditions for a more robust interaction.
Edwin Hermkens
Chief Product Officer.
One of MedApps’s most successful campaigns that endorses this is the delivery status of medications.Using the custom event deliver_status, users receive a push message every time there is a delay on their prescription order. A data filter is then used as an additional trigger to communicate the delivery status.
To improve the effectiveness of its messages, MedApp adopted a cross-channel approach to its communication strategy using Notificare’s email channel to inform customers that they have a message waiting in the app. And to increase personalization, the message was styled with HTML, an out-of-the-box feature with zero development.

As a final step in this campaign flow, MedApp used an additional Connector to send a subset of users a survey with questions about how they perceived their communication after the delivery — resulting in even more feedback to finetune the process.
Great service and technology!
Thanks to Notificare's great service and technology, we can inform our customers in a great way via our app.
Mitchel Schouten
Product Manager.

Campaign results

The results of this email-to-app campaign were amazing! Before the introduction of the email-to-app strategy, just over 42% used the app. After the introduction of the emails, this percentage increased immediately and is now stabilized at around 56%!
The above graph shows the App Open Rates per week.

Overall results

With the help of the Notificare platform, MedApp now has a clear and better understanding of how to interact with its users and guide them in their journey. Using the insights gained from user behavior, MedApp is able to drive a more personalized experience, resulting in higher engagement and retention rates.
Notificare plays a significant role
The Notificare platform has simplified the process of interacting with our customers, ensuring we provide them with the best experience in their journey. As an app-only-pharmacy, it's not only about targeting people at the right moment and improving conversion rates but also ensuring that our customers get information about their medication on time, to adhere to their therapy.

The information process is instrumental to the journey, and Notificare plays a significant role in this. Furthermore, we are deeply impressed with how extensive Notificare is on a tech/product level if you look at their team size, especially compared to other competitors.
Edwin Hermkens
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer.
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