Fueling, Charging, Parking & Washing

People are switching to electric cars, and MKB Brandstof is shifting with them, to support entrepreneurs with innovative services, to be climate-positive on the road by 2025.
Drives entrepreneurs with sustainable mobility
The Dutch brand 'MKB Brandstof' supports entrepreneurs in their mobility administration by offering a mobility card that gathers all receipts into one monthly invoice and by supplying useful apps with all their services. With over fifty employees, they are now focusing on a new mission - to switch to climate-positive mobility.

The Opportunity

To help their customers in the best possible way, three apps were launched targeting different services: Fueling, Charging and Parking & Washing. With one thing in common, they all provide a clear interface where a map displays nearby suppliers with real-time associated costs. And that makes the apps a valuable tool for everyone!

Initially, however, user behavior and location were not utilized, and therefore messages were less relevant. On top of that, opening rates were incredibly low because many customers just missed the notifications.

The Solution

By utilizing the platform with user behavior’s data points, the marketing team can now easily optimize customer journeys. And when connecting this to service notifications, the customers will receive valuable information at the right location and at the right time.

The company is gradually making more and more use of the opportunities to send automated, location-based, and personalized messages to their customers.


Users experience the app's ultimate convenience when parking. When doing so, customers receive notifications about these services as well as updated financial information. For example, receiving a parking reminder after driving away from the parking spot is genuinely appreciated.


With the easy-to-use maps that are also available for non-customers, a growing number of anonymous users can now be engaged. This segment is identified as leads and is targeted with a special offer right when they use the app.

Rate App

To get more ratings from satisfied users and customers, automated campaigns are set up and triggered only once per user, when they successfully finish a task in the app. Initial results are very promising and this data will be analyzed to improve the app and its ratings further.

Professional Services

Notificare's Professional Services Team was also asked to improve customer engagement. After several workshops and brainstorming sessions, the apps were extended with a in-app message Inbox, among other things.
The true power of the platform.
We've been working with Notificare for many years already. But only recently discovered the true power of the platform. Now it's time to use these superpowers to serve better our clients.
Jochem Paarlberg
Marketing Manager


The Inbox, or Message Center, makes it easier to consume push notifications. For each message, you have different options at your disposal. For example, you can decide whether a message appears in the inbox or not. Or define upfront for how long a message is displayed in the inbox. Or that a message does not arrive at the user's lock screen yet is available in the inbox. And with the appropriate indicator (app icon's badge), the user will still know there is unread messages in the app.

The Results

After this first iteration, their apps and messaging capabilities will be further optimized. This includes setting up more automated messages to onboard new users, create a messaging strategy focused on retention by targeting dormant users in a friendly way, and several new campaigns to increase app ratings.

The results so far are very promising, with open rates above 30% for marketing-related messages. This is in contrast with the open rates of the transactional messages related to parking and charging sessions. These messages contain all the information to inform the customer at a glance. Clear and effective communication, with no need to unlock your phone to get your message across.
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