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App & Account Management
Access Roles
IP Whitelist
Password Policy
Enterprise App Distribution
Unlimited App & Web Push Messages
Email Messages
SMS Messages
Rich & Actionable Content
Broadcast Messages
Segmented Messages
Event Based Messages
Advanced Criteria Messages
Message Templates
Multi-language Templates & Messages
A/B & Multivariate Testing
Scheduled & Repeatable Messages
Throttle Message Delivery
In-App Device Inbox
Message placeholders
Delivery Report and Stats
Email Proofing Reports
Location Services
Circular & Polygons Geo-Fences
Location Lifetime
Historical Visits
Geo-Triggered Push Messages
Geo-Triggered Push Campaigns
BTLE Beacon Support
Location Reports and Stats
Audience Management
Private Messaging
User Categorization
User, Device, Email, SMS & Location Look Up
Device's Do Not Disturb period
Audience Reports and Stats
Data Management
User Life Time
Data Import & Export
Scheduled & Recurrent Import/Export Tasks
Application Errors
Push, Email and SMS Error Feedback
Contextual Content
NFC & QR Code Scannable Tags
Short Links (Redirects & Landing Pages)
RSS to Push
Event-driven Segmentation
Event-driven Messaging
In-App Purchases
Apple Store & Google Play
Consumable and Non-Consumables
Server Side Receipt Verification
iOS Hosted Content Management
Sales Reports & Stats
Digital Wallet
iOS Wallet Passes Full Support
Android and Web Passes Fallback
Remote Passes Update
Free Redeem Scanner app
Conversion Reports and Stats
Data & Analytics
App Life Cycle Event Stats
Pre-defined and Custom Events
Configurable Charts
Weekly Reports
File Management
Asset Upload & Management
Text File Inline Editing
Advanced Criteria for Personalized Content
Time Based Asset Display
Asset Caching & Optimization
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