Beeproger enters into a promising partnership with Notificare

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, January 19, 2021

beeproger, designers and builders of unique digital products such as mobile apps, web applications, and software that make a difference, enters into a partnership with Notificare.
“We save ourselves and the client work, time, and frustration by not building push messaging ourselves, but by using a proven platform like Notificare. Where beeproger identifies which triggers go out, Notificare takes care of the decisioning, processing, and distributing the message to the client.” as Casper Meijerink, CTO of beeproger, explains.“That is where the strength of our collaboration lies.”
The bottom line is that many software builders often forget to think about 'the next step' when building applications. However, beeproger understands how important this is and always considers the intended result and associated consequences.
Notificare's CEO, Robert Leefmans, complements:“An app without notifications is like a website without a contact form. There is no way to interact with the end-users and build up that crucial relationship. The odd thing is B2C; we personally receive all kinds of messages, for example, retailers collect valuable customer information, create personalized content with it, and send it to the relevant customer with a notification, such as an Email, Push, or text message. But we still do not apply this enough to B2B communications.”
With businesses moving to the cloud, apps with the right messaging capabilities will play an increasingly vital role in the way we collaborate with customers and co-workers.
“Therefore, there are business opportunities to use apps with notifications in business environments to create optimal user experiences there as well”, according to Casper Meijerink.
For car leasing company Hitachi Capital Mobility, beeproger built a useful app that allows drivers to find everything about their vehicle. Furthermore, receive automatic notifications for maintenance, reminders to change to winter tires, and nearing the end of the contract period - “It's time for a new car!”, this is a notification that every lease driver likes to receive.
The Hitachi Capital Mobility app was realized with the Notificare platform. An important decisive factor for the project's grant was that data remains on European soil and is processed and stored according to the GDPR legislation's guidelines.

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Notificare is a leading Customer Engagement Platform that helps brands (re)engage their audience, shed light on customer behavior, and increase conversions. One single tool, with channels like App Push, Web Push, Email, SMS, and Mobile Wallet, helps deliver the most engaging messages and interactions. Because every superhero needs a sidekick.

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