Yourzine enters partnership with Notificare to create personalized campaigns on mobile devices

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, May 1 2015

Yourzine, a trendsetting dialogue marketing bureau in the Netherlands, announces its new strategic partnership with Notificare today. Notificare is a mobile marketing platform that allows marketeers to send context-relevant and interactive notifications to smartphones and tablets.< br/>
Mobile is an interesting challenge for marketeers, particularly in view of the overwhelming number of possibilities offered via mobile devices and the current addition of smartwatches. With the use of Notificare and iBeacon technology, companies now are able, after permission is obtained from customers, to collect information about them, for example also registering when they are physically present in the shop. This information gives marketeers better insight into the products that consumers are looking for. Retailers can then send special offers to users of their app when they are near a store location, for example. This contributes to creating better customer experiences and makes a connection between online and offline.

Michiel van Riemsdijk, director of Yourzine says:

At Yourzine we see that brands and organizations are increasingly dealing with existing and potential clients who are integrating various mobile devices into their daily life.

Michiel van Riemsdijk adds:

That’s why it’s important to add the mobile channel to the omni-channel strategy. Thanks to our partnership with Notificare we can go a step farther and help our clients get the most out of their apps. We can now reach the end user with relevant messages at home or on the road, regardless of what device they are using, to increase the value for the client.

Robert Leefmans, CEO at Notificare adds:

Consumers are always on the move and often fall off the radar of the marketer. Notificare offers a solution that makes it possible to reach these people through notifications on their mobile devices, precisely when and where it is most useful for the consumer. With our technology, which is a plug-in for apps, more companies can benefit from this powerful marketing tool. We are delighted to join forces with Yourzine and so further strengthen the relation between consumer and brand.

About Notificare

Notificare is a leading Marketing Automation Platform that empowers marketers to send context-relevant and interactive messages to their customers. Headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, founded in 2012 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. More information: