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Introducing Email Proofing

As part of our ongoing effort to keep improving our platform, we are pleased to announce a new feature that will help increase email conversion and ROI. This new feature is the easiest way to guarantee your email campaigns look and behave the same across multiple email clients or services.

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Implementing Notificare with GTM

Leveraging functionality like web push notifications, geo-targeting, actionable analytics or personalization in your website has become as important as an appealing design or a well-thought-out user experience.

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Recently Added - Cordova with Ionic Support

This week we're reaching out to you for a quick update. Recently we've expanded our SDK offering with the update of our old Cordova plugin.

Keep reading to find out how you can add our platform's features to your iOS and Android apps built with Cordova, PhoneGap or Ionic.

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Messaging Power Combos

Connect the dots between the channels you are using today and easily create new ways of orchestrating your messaging strategy in an omni-channel world.

Here's a handful of examples that will take your brand to new heights and make the most out of our platform.

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New SDKs Available

It's that time of the year, iOS and Android just released new versions of their operating systems. Keep reading this post to find out how their OSes match up and what you can expect from our new SDKs.

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A/B & Multivariate Testing

Long-anticipated, we are finally introducing A/B & Multivariate testing campaigns for Push, Email and SMS. Learn more about this oft-requested feature and what you can expect from this new functionality now available for all our plans.

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New in Location Services

The upcoming updates in iOS and Android will introduce considerable changes in the way permissions to use location data are requested, displayed and managed by users, which might affect your apps. Although you probably don't need to change much in your apps, it's important you read this post to understand what changes and how you can make sure your app is up to the task.

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Beta Release Flutter plugin

We are pleased to announce the beta release of our latest plugin, Flutter. Developed by Google, Flutter is an open-source development framework for mobile, web and desktop apps.

Due to increased interest and growing adoption of this framework, we've decided to provide official support for Google's Flutter framework.

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Public Beta for Email & SMS

We are thrilled to announce the public beta access to our two new channels: Email and SMS. Start today with multi-channel messaging that will take your campaigns to a whole different level.

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Increase opt-ins with the Pre-Permission

Asking permissions for Push Notifications or Location Services can be a hassle. We’ve all seen apps and websites where permission dialogs are fired at you when you enter the site or open the app for the first time. However, did you know that these permissions can be triggered at any moment? Also, that finding the right moment will increase opt-in conversion and improve the user experience?

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